Virtual Assistants for Coaching Companies

Design the goals, designate the work

Holistic Staffing Solutions

Let our virtual professionals take care of your DMs and Socials

Get help from high-achieving professionals from Latin America to handle the everyday, time-consuming tasks that you are now ready to delegate.

First-hand experience

Why Coaches?

Our recruiters have the unique experience of having worked inside multi-seven-figure coaching companies – We understand your organizational structure, expectations, and culture.

First-hand experience

Why Coaches?

Our recruiters have the unique experience of having worked inside multi-seven-figure coaching companies – We understand your organizational structure, expectations, and culture.

Build, develop, and upskill your team

Latin American talent at your service

Coachable, fully bilingual, cost-effective, culture-fit, university graduates that live in your timezone and have work experience.

What Can An EDM Assistant
Do For You?

Admin & Executive Assistant

Get help with the day-to-day administrative duties that can go from inputting & organizing data to CRM & Email Management, Answer Calls, or Managing your schedule

DM Appointment Setter

VAs with relevant experience creating and nurturing client relationships. Their efforts streamline your lead generation process.

Community Management

Effective communicators with a keen understanding of online community dynamics.They foster engagement and constructive dialogue

DM Team Assistant

Get a VA to manage the lead distribution among your dm team, nurture your community, follow up with candidates, handle team communication, and more!

Content Creation

Graphic designers and audiovisual specialists ready to elevate your content, enhancing its visual appeal and engagement. Indispensable for quality content.

Web Design

Experienced web designers primed to develop attractive and responsive websites.

Why Us?

We solve talent problems for two types of customers

You don’t have any in-house recruiters

We handle all the demanding tasks, starting from attracting potential candidates, conducting initial evaluations, and presenting exclusively top-tier profiles.

You need to hire Internationally

Our clients choose us for the HR solutions we provide to our Independent Contractors plus the benefits of outsourcing through an agency.

Start to grow your business with a Virtual Assistant
No subscription, no recruitment fees

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What You Get


We handpick each candidate to guarantee that you have the opportunity to collaborate with the finest talent available in Latin America. Out of the total number of applicants, we carefully select only 3% to join our team. Approximately 85% of our virtual assistants hold a 4-year university or college degree in addition to relevant work experience.


Collaborating with agencies, assistants, or full-time employees based in the US or Canada is expensive. The cost of hiring a virtual assistant from Latin America is typically 40-70% lower than that of US virtual assistants. We make hiring a virtual professional easy, fast, and affordable. No extra or hidden fees.


Our VAs are in America (South & Central). They are up and available during the same time as you, minimizing and eliminating any significant time differences. Allowing for seamless communication and collaboration between you and our virtual assistants, promoting efficient workflow and effective support.


Our goal is to help you create long-term business relationships with your VA. They´ll become familiar with your company and evolve with it along the way. You have the freedom to promote your VA or increase their salary whenever you see fit. It's important to note that Every Dm Matters does not charge any fee, commission, or percentage from raises or bonuses.


We take HR tasks off your plate so you can make the most out of the time with your VA allowing you to focus on training, evaluating, and even deconstructing DM conversations. You manage, we support.


You can pay Every Dm Matters on a bi-weekly basis after work is completed or prepay 2-4 weeks in advance. Our VAs are paid on time always.

Bilingual Professionals

English & Spanish proficiency, that’s what you get from every single one of our VAs. Having fluent English is the bare minimum in today’s competitive job market, we don’t do minimums. All our VAs are English-tested to ensure effective communication and collaboration, ultimately leading to increased productivity and success.


Define a schedule and we’ll get it covered for you. An integral part of our recruitment process is finding talent that aligns with your availability, needs and strategy.

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